Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to get your graduate thesis perfectly done (1)

The 3rd semester of my study has come and this time i ought to be more serious in it because i'm preparing my graduate thesis. Well, this thesis is one of crucial requirements to graduate from this (exhausting) university, besides sufficient credits and international paper publication. And i have made a foolish mistake that i should have done the last requirement which stated above. Unfortunately, when my paper is ready to be published in IJOG, the editor team was asking a confirmation via email but i was skip to read it until 1 month after the last day of confirmation day, which is TODAY. Huft..

So, usually the thesis contain of student's scientific research that develops two (or more) methods. Bloom's Taxonomy shows student's competency in every level of high education. Based on Bloom's Taxonomy, master students (graduate thesis) should achieve "to analyze" and "to evaluate" level from this hierarchical structure. Because of this hierarchical structure, a student should accomplish the lower stage before they could continue to the higher stage. Undergraduate students should reach 1st - 3rd stage of this taxonomy, that are "to remember", "to understand", and "to apply". That's why undergraduate thesis only focused on student's writing and they could only apply the available method in their thesis. The last stage is "to create" that should be accomplished by doctoral students. 

Bloom's Taxonomy. Source: klik disini

My lord prof told me that every undergraduate thesis should not have been a research. But, i can't agree with him. A research is a process of getting an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or a deep comprehension of a phenomenon. So, as long as student could fulfill that definition, they have already do a research. #sayasotoy #yasudahlah. But, there is a main rule of doing a research for student:

The higher someone's level of education, the more elements are studied in their research so the degree of difficulty increasing either. 

SO, how to get your graduate thesis perfectly done?

First, we should define the problem. There are some basic questions of the research:
  • What matter that is researched?
  • Why that matter should be researched?
  • How is the research methodology?
  • What is the advantages of that research?
  • What is the similar research that has been done?
  • Where is the position of our thesis?
Second, we should find the literature. Is it available? Books, paper, journal, abstract, etc.

Third, we should make sure if the data is available or not. Is it possible for us to do a direct measurement? Is there any institution/company that could provide their data for us? If there will be no data available, then we should find another topic.

The last, is tools. What tools we'll use? Is it available? 

If we already could  be responsible for these 4 things, then go on our thesis. But before it, i suggest you to make our own TIMELINE in order to make our thesis perfectly done ON TIME

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