Tuesday, September 15, 2015

about what we are fighting for

it's just random chat with my bro from ISU, who's studying in Perth

Him (H): Ist alles in ordnung?
Me (M): Nicht alles. Ich habe eine Katastrophe uber meine Abschlussarbeit, aber das ist OK.

---blablabla-talk something about his computer---

M: You live in Perth, right?
H: Yeap
M: How is it?
H: Relaxed
M: I mean, this city is far far away from everything
H: Far from other cities, but still a city.
M: yah. i'm a little bit curious how life in Perth is like. Is there a wild crocodile or snake near to your house?
H: Lol. Maybe. I mean i haven't seen one yet. It's very quiet, not a big city.

---blablabla-still talk about perth---

H: Everything in Perth is expensive.
M: Yes because the logistic distribution costs prohibitive i think, so everything becomes expensive.
H: Yea, very isolated.
M: What are you majoring in your uni? i forget
H: Accounting and finance
M: And why did you choose Perth?
H: Cos they accept me 1st
M: Where else did you apply for univ?
H: Sydney, Adelaide..
M: Why don't you take engineering in NTU
H: I hate engineering
M: LOL. If i could turn back time, i also wouldn't choose geodesy engineering
H: I just study what will give me a job
M: But there's also a lot of opportunities for engineers
H: Hmmm yea true
M: wkwk
H: what's wkwk
M: It's a typing-way for laughing ahahahahahahaha. At first i wanted to be a doctor, or architect. I fought for it, even i postponed my study just for the medical faculty but my mom didn't allow me to choose architecture. so here i am. Geodesist wannabe (curhat mang)
H: I dunno what to be. Why do you wanna be a doctor?
M: I just want to give "something" to society
H: I want society to give something to me, then i destroy it.
M: LOL. u mean

and this morning, Diaz si anak hitz randomly sent me a picture:

He said: Salah jurusan aja sampe jadi master

ughhh SLAPPED!

until this time, i never feel 100% sure for this, for these geodesy stuff. well i don't know. it's like when i working on something about geodesy, i don't do it with my heart and selalu misuh-misuh. And my mistake is, i keep involved in this thing, even going deeper and deeper. My mistake. Truly mistake.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kompetensi vs Motivasi

Salah satu profesor ku bilang, seseorang bisa berhasil atau tidak dalam hidupnya bisa dilihat dari kompetensi dan motivasinya. Kriteria ini terbagi jadi 4 seperti gambar di atas. 
  • Kuadran 1 adalah dimana kompetensi seseorang rendah dan begitu pula motivasinya. Beliau bilang orang-orang dengan kriteria ini semacam preman. 
  • Kuadran 2 adalah ketika seseorang memiliki kompetensi yang lebih tapi dia tidak punya motivasi dalam hidupnya. 
  • Kuadran 3 adalah dimana seseorang sebetulnya tidak memiliki kompetensi dalam diri, tapi ia punya motivasi yang tinggi untuk berhasil. 
  • Kuadran 4 tentunya yang paling sempurna. Ketika seseorang memiliki kompetensi dan motivasi yang tinggi dalam dirinya. 

Orang-orang tipe 1 dan 2 gak bakal pernah berhasil dalam hidupnya sedangkan orang-orang tipe 3 dan 4 lah yang kemudian bisa berhasil. Namun, disadari atau tidak, kunci utama dalam keberhasilan adalah MOTIVASI. Orang-orang tipe 3 dan 4 perlu waspada. Sekali mereka kehilangan motivasi, mereka semua akan otomatis menjadi bagian dari orang-orang tipe 1 dan 2. 
Aku sendiri merasa aku ini tipe 3. Aku sadar diri, kompetensi ku biasa aja. Aku bukan jenius, tapi aku punya semangat buat mewujudkan cita-citaku. Aku bisa sampai sejauh ini pun karena ada semangat. Lalu sekarang, jika motivasi dan semangatku hilang, akan kubawa kemana jalan hidupku kemudian?