Tuesday, September 15, 2015

about what we are fighting for

it's just random chat with my bro from ISU, who's studying in Perth

Him (H): Ist alles in ordnung?
Me (M): Nicht alles. Ich habe eine Katastrophe uber meine Abschlussarbeit, aber das ist OK.

---blablabla-talk something about his computer---

M: You live in Perth, right?
H: Yeap
M: How is it?
H: Relaxed
M: I mean, this city is far far away from everything
H: Far from other cities, but still a city.
M: yah. i'm a little bit curious how life in Perth is like. Is there a wild crocodile or snake near to your house?
H: Lol. Maybe. I mean i haven't seen one yet. It's very quiet, not a big city.

---blablabla-still talk about perth---

H: Everything in Perth is expensive.
M: Yes because the logistic distribution costs prohibitive i think, so everything becomes expensive.
H: Yea, very isolated.
M: What are you majoring in your uni? i forget
H: Accounting and finance
M: And why did you choose Perth?
H: Cos they accept me 1st
M: Where else did you apply for univ?
H: Sydney, Adelaide..
M: Why don't you take engineering in NTU
H: I hate engineering
M: LOL. If i could turn back time, i also wouldn't choose geodesy engineering
H: I just study what will give me a job
M: But there's also a lot of opportunities for engineers
H: Hmmm yea true
M: wkwk
H: what's wkwk
M: It's a typing-way for laughing ahahahahahahaha. At first i wanted to be a doctor, or architect. I fought for it, even i postponed my study just for the medical faculty but my mom didn't allow me to choose architecture. so here i am. Geodesist wannabe (curhat mang)
H: I dunno what to be. Why do you wanna be a doctor?
M: I just want to give "something" to society
H: I want society to give something to me, then i destroy it.
M: LOL. u mean

and this morning, Diaz si anak hitz randomly sent me a picture:

He said: Salah jurusan aja sampe jadi master

ughhh SLAPPED!

until this time, i never feel 100% sure for this, for these geodesy stuff. well i don't know. it's like when i working on something about geodesy, i don't do it with my heart and selalu misuh-misuh. And my mistake is, i keep involved in this thing, even going deeper and deeper. My mistake. Truly mistake.

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